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Be polite and respectful when contacting me. Please do not share any explicit details or I will end the conversation.



For our first time together, please be prepared to show your ID promptly upon meeting. This must be done prior to addressing the donation. This is for my safety and comfort, and only required on the initial date.



Please have my donation in a gift bag, greeting card  or envelope and handed to me discreetly within the first five minutes.
Attempting to discuss or negotiate my donation will result in me terminating our meeting and I will no longer accept requests from you.



I adore men who are well groomed, freshly showered and shaved with minty-fresh breath. I spend a significant amount of time grooming and bathing for our encounter, and you will be generously rewarded for doing likewise.



If you are enjoying your time with me and wish to extend our interaction, I may be able to accommodate your needs, if my schedule permits.
In the event that I am able to spend more time with you, please be mindful of my additional donation requirements so that we can extend our time together. And remember, the donation is only meant as compensation for my companionship.

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